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The most popular Google searches of 2012

The most popular Google searches of 2012

Number one – Whitney Houston
She went to death by drowning at the age of 48, and she was the most popular search of the 2012 searches on Google. The famous singer Whitney Houston was brought to fame by her strong voice, this helped her amaze the world with one of her famous hits “I Will Always Love You”.
The second most searched thing had a lot of lost in devastation. Hurricane Sandy left a huge impact on our lives, the hurricane left thousands of people on the East Coast either without power, transportation, or homeless.
The election of 2012 was an all out brawl for the White House, this over took the television for even months before the election. There was a great importance of the election, btu this was known as the third most popular search during the year.
Suzanne Collins is only a young adult, she had the will to struggle to get her novels published. She wrote the Hunger games, this had begun a big strive for reading during 2012.
Not many Asian Americans are able to play in the NBA, but Jeremy Lin had shot into game in 2012 being the fifth most searched on Google that year. He went from being a nobody into an everybody by bringing the New York Knicks into a winning streak, the Houston Rockets of the NBA signed him.
In 2012 the Summer Olympics was attention of the world, which was held in London. The most medals that were taken home was by USA, there were 46 gold, 29 silver, and 29 bronze, which lead to a total of 104. This was the sixth most searched thing during 2012.
Naked pictures are effecting today’s society. The seventh most searched thing in 2012 was of a Canadian teen who had send pictures of herself to someone, and they had got around. No one cared to pay attention to her until she had committed suicide. Her name was Amanda Todd.
Number eight in the Google searches of 2012 was of the most popular video on YouTube. This video had over hundreds of millions of views, a K-pop song sung by a South Korean artist PSY, “Gangnam Style”.
Michael Clarke Duncan, the ninth most search in 2012. He was a lovable actor, and known for big parts in movies such as “The Whole Nine Yards,” and “The Green Mile,” and a recent television series known as “The Finder.” He died in September 2012 with a girlfriend known by the name of Omarosa Maniqault.
The tenth most popular search of 2012 was Kony 2012, which was a short film made by Invisile Children, Inc. It went viral with millions of Youtube Views, a video based off of a Ugadan criminal fugitive, Joseph Kony, Arrested.


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